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What are we doing to keep YOU safe?

  • Each of our staff members has completed the "Count on me NC" training program. ​

  • We have installed "foot pulls" on all entry/exit doors throughout the space. ​

  • We have installed a UV light air sanitation system into our HVAC to treat all air in the pavilion.​​

  • We have sanitizer stations readily available throughout the entire space. ​

  • We have spaced ALL seating areas 6 feet or more apart.​

  • We have installed contactless bathroom fixtures.​​​

  • We sanitize and disinfect our space behind each customer with CDC approved disinfectant​

  • Mask are REQUIRED to be worn unless seated at a table.

  • Curbside Pickup or Delivery is available.

  • Digital menus

  • We have a special UV light to disinfect all credit/debit cards

  • Served in single use containers

  • Increased daily health monitoring of staff

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